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September Book Recommendations:



So it’s the end of September, and I’ve read a handful of material this month. I was trying to think of a decent way to put up reviews, but I’d rather just tell you guys the series or titles I do like, rather than go through giving a rating system and ranking books I don’t care as much for.

Check out my September Book Recommendations:

  • Zach Bohannon is a great author, and I consider him to be a great friend as well. You’ll find most of his writing in the horror genre, and if you’re a Texas Chainsaw/Devil’s Rejects fan, you’ll like all of his work. I don’t want to pigeonhole him into that format–because he’s also got a fast-paced zombie-apocalypse series out called “Empty Bodies”. So far there are three titles, and I have it on good authority that book four is well on it’s way.  Check out “Lines of the Devil” for a horror read, or “Empty Bodies” for a zombie-apocalypse read.
  • Mark Goodwin is a christian constitutional writer who has a number of dystopian novels published.  I’ve only read one of his series as of this recommendation, so I can’t say much about his other titles.  The Days of Noah is hands down the best conspiracy book I’ve read this year.   There are currently three titles out in this series, and room to expand into a new series (rumored to be ‘The Days of Elijah’).  I defy anyone to put a better, more realistic, more intriguing conspiracy book in their face.  End of story.
  • Dr. Arthur T. Bradley’s series “The Survivalist” is a really cool spin on an epidemic/biological/quasi zombie apocalypse.  Don’t let that sci-fi description make up your mind, the story is really great, and not at sci-fi story in any way (sorry sci-fi fans).  There are two main threads that run parallel throughout the story and Bradley’s characters are really well developed.  I love this story, I’ve actually gifted an entire set of them because I am confident in people being caught up in the story.  This series has a good blend of lawman and outlaw, but not in a traditional sense.  Read it and see what I’m hinting at.
  • A. American has released the sixth book in his series of “Going Home” titles.  The latest book, Enforcing Home, adds more layers to the tale.  My favorite thing about A.American’s style is how believable the dialogue is.  It can be frustrating as a reader to trudge through hundreds of pages of dialogue you just don’t quite believe, and I feel like all of A.American’s titles take this into account.  I have also gifted sets of these books with full confidence they would be well received, and I was right.  This makes my recommendation list without thinking twice about it.
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