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I have to start off by admitting to shaming myself by cutting my beard back due to my own inability to control it.  I’m not a very high-maintenance guy, and for that reason alone I hacked my face-carpet down to nearly nothing when I couldn’t keep it growing the way I liked–or more appropriately–couldn’t keep it from growing a way I didn’t like.  Enter the Dollar Beard Club.


My eyes have been opened to the world of beardscaping. I had no clue there were beard brushes, combs, oils and even vitamins and solutions to help promote healthy beard growth. All of these revelations have really opened the previously locked doors to Beard City, and have given me new hope of growing the glorious hedge I had originally intended. The Dollar Beard Club sounded cool enough in name alone, so I went to their web site. I was immediately impressed with the design of the site, but to be quite honest, it was the video of Chris (the founder of DBC) that sold me on the company. Their hilarious, but true, videos really struck a chord with me so I signed up.

I have to admit being a bit skeptical of any subscription service, especially one so cheap. The way it works is pretty straightforward. You sign up for a subscription, and select what you want to be delivered monthly. The selection is large but not daunting–there are oils, shampoo, bodywash, brushes and a few other things. Oils, shampoos, and other consumables fall under the subscription, whereas combs or brushes classify as one-time purchases, meaning you can add one to your order and not worry about have an amassment of combs in a few months.

Lastly I wanted to mention their Beard Ambassador program (which I’m a part of) where you can refer friends to the Dollar Beard Club and earn $10 when you a friend signs up. Think of it this way, if you get two or three buddies to sign up, you could cover the cost of your own subscription for a couple of years. Pretty cool stuff. I’m not as clever as Chris, so if you want a bunch of witty beard puns and manly jokes check out their YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter then click the banner below to sign up for some of their heavenly beard sauce.


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