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Lately I’ve been reading all the James Rollins novels I can get my paws on, pun intended.  Tucker Wayne and his partner, Kane, are addicting as all hell to read about.  I can’t get enough of the worldwide adventures these two go on, and James Rollins style is great to read.

If you’re into military fiction, special forces, or K9 novels in any way you’ll definitely want to check these out.

Bloodline is the title I’m currently enamored with.  I think this may be one of the first Tucker Wayne (and his K9, Kane) appearances in James Rollins “Sigma Series” of novels.  From what I can tell he’s put Tucker and Kane in a novella, titled Tracker, and  their own series of novels has it’s first book which is titled The Kill Switch.  I can’t get enough of these characters, so I’ve read them all.

Be sure and check out all of James Rollins work, but if you’d like to see the K9 adventures of Kane and his handler Tucker Wayne, you’ll want to check out the titles listed below:

Tracker (novella)

Bloodline (from the Sigma Series)

The Kill Switch (book 1 of the Tucker Wayne series)

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