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G. Michael Hopf’s newest trilogy kicks off with “Nemesis: inception”.  I have read, and loved, his “New World Series” with titles The End, The Long Road, Sanctuary, and Line of Departure.  His style is easy to follow, but builds great characters that you can’t help but love.  There is an antagonist in the New World Series who has a massive impact on the main characters and their lives.  I flipped a few pages of Nemesis and found that the time and place are the same as the New World Series, and it even seems that this main antagonist is crossing over into this new trilogy.  This has some serious potential to tie together two very awesome storylines.

On a personal note I wanted to mention that G. Michael Hopf put his email address in the back of his work and opened the door to communicate with his readers.  Being a big fan of his series, I decided to write him an email and share my thoughts, and even ask him a few questions.  He took the time to follow me back on Twitter, and wrote me an email that really means a lot to me.  It’s amazing to think that an author who puts their heart and soul into their work is so willing to open the door to communicate with his readers, and throw himself to the mercy of the internet.  G. is a world-class guy, and I just wanted to mention the positive impact he’s had on me.

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